ID CVE-2008-6965
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2017-09-28T21:33:27


AJ Square AJ Auction OOPD, Pro Platinum Skin #1, Pro Platinum Skin #2, and Web 2.0 send a redirect but do not exit when certain scripts are called directly, which allows remote attackers to bypass authentication via a direct request to (1) site.php, (2) auction.php, (3) mail.php, (4) fee_setting.php, (5) earnings.php, (6) insertion_fee_settings.php, (7) custom_category.php, (8) subcategory.php, (9) category.php, (10) report.php, (11) store_manager.php, and (12) choose_sell_format.php in admin/, and possibly other vectors.