ID CVE-2008-5911
Type cve
Modified 2011-03-08T03:15:00


Multiple buffer overflows in RealNetworks Helix Server and Helix Mobile Server 11.x before 11.1.8 and 12.x before 12.0.1 allow remote attackers to (1) cause a denial of service via three crafted RTSP SETUP commands, or execute arbitrary code via (2) an NTLM authentication request with malformed base64-encoded data, (3) an RTSP DESCRIBE command, or (4) a DataConvertBuffer request. Per:

Impacted Products and Versions: Helix Server Version 11.x Helix Server Version 12.x Helix Mobile Server Version 11.x Helix Mobile Server Version 12.x Per:

The Fix: Version 11.1.8 and Version 12.0.1 of the Helix Server and the Helix Mobile Server have been updated to ensure that the above vulnerabilities have been resolved.

SOLUTION: The vulnerability is resolved on the following platforms by installing Version 11.1.8 or Version 12.0.1 of the Helix Server and the Helix Mobile Server. This only pertains to supported versions of the platforms listed below. The updated version will be available on your RealNetworks PAM site after 11:59 p.m. PST, on December 15, 2008.