ID CVE-2007-4948
Type cve
Modified 2008-11-15T06:59:00


Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in Webmedia Explorer (webmex) 3.2.2 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via (1) a URL in the path_include parameter to includes/rss.class.php, (2) a URL in the path_template parameter to (a) templates/main.tpl.php or (b) templates/folder_messages_link_message_name.tpl.php, or (4) a URL in the path_templates parameter to templates/sidebar.tpl.php. NOTE: the vulnerability is present only when the administrator does not follow installation instructions about the requirement for .htaccess support. NOTE: the includes/core.lib.php vector is already covered by CVE-2006-5252.