ID CVE-2007-1743
Type cve
Modified 2008-09-05T21:21:00


suexec in Apache HTTP Server (httpd) 2.2.3 does not verify combinations of user and group IDs on the command line, which might allow local users to leverage other vulnerabilities to create arbitrary UID/GID owned files if /proc is mounted. NOTE: the researcher, who is reliable, claims that the vendor disputes the issue because "the attacks described rely on an insecure server configuration" in which the user "has write access to the document root." In addition, because this is dependent on other vulnerabilities, perhaps this is resultant and should not be included in CVE. From the vendor: "The attacks described rely on an insecure server configuration - that the unprivileged user the server runs as has write access to the document root. The suexec tool cannot detect all possible insecure configurations, nor can it protect against privilege "escalation" in all such cases.

It is important to note that to be able to invoke suexec, the attacker must also first gain the ability to execute arbitrary code as the unprivileged server user."