ID CVE-2006-5526
Type cve
Modified 2017-10-19T01:29:00


Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in Teake Nutma Foing, as modified in Fully Modded phpBB (phpbbfm) 2021.4.40 and earlier, allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the foing_root_path parameter in (a) faq.php, (b) index.php, (c) list.php, (d) login.php, (e) playlist.php, (f) song.php, (g) gen_m3u.php, (h) view_artist.php, (i) view_song.php, (j) flash/set_na.php, (k) flash/initialise.php, (l) flash/get_song.php, (m) includes/common.php, (n) admin/nav.php, (o) admin/main.php, (p) admin/list_artists.php, (q) admin/index.php, (r) admin/genres.php, (s) admin/edit_artist.php, (t) admin/edit_album.php, (u) admin/config.php, and (v) admin/admin_status.php in player/, different vectors than CVE-2006-3045. NOTE: CVE analysis as of 20061026 indicates that files in the admin/ and flash/ directories define foing_root_path before use.