ID CVE-2006-5495
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2018-10-17T17:43:35


Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in Trawler Web CMS 1.8.1 and earlier allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the (1) path_red2 parameter to (a) _msdazu_pdata/redaktion/artikel/up/index.php; (b) addtort.php, (c) colorpik2.php, (d) colorpik3.php, (e) extras_menu.php, (f) farbpalette.php, (g) lese_inc.php, and (h) newfile.php in _msdazu_share/richtext/; the (2) path_scr_dat2 parameter to (i)_msdazu_share/share/insert1.php; the (3) path_red parameter to (j) _msdazu_share/extras/downloads/index.php; and unspecified parameters in other files.