ID CVE-2006-0276
Type cve
Modified 2017-07-20T01:29:00


Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2, version (Oracle9i) have unspecified impact and attack vectors, as identified by Oracle Vuln# (1) OCS01, 2) OCS02, 3) OCS03, 4) OCS04, 5) OCS05, 6) OCS06, 7) OCS07, (8) OCS08, and (9) OCS09 in the (a) Email Server component; 10) OCS10 (and (11) OCS11 in the (b) Oracle Collaboration Suite Wireless & Voice (component; 12) OCS12 and (13) OCS13 in the (c) Oracle Content (Management SDK component; 14) OCS14 and (15) OCS15 in the (d) Oracle (Content Services component.