ID CVE-2006-0259
Type cve
Reporter NVD
Modified 2017-07-19T21:29:35


Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Oracle Database server have unspecified impact and attack vectors, as identified by Oracle Vuln# (1) DB04 and (2) DB06 in the (a) Data Pump component; (3) DB10 in the (b) Net Listener component; and (4) DB16 in the (c) Oracle Text component. NOTE: details are unavailable from Oracle, but they have not publicly disputed a claim by a reliable independent researcher that states that DB06 is SQL injection in the GENERATE_JOB_NAME, GET_WORKERSTATUSLIST1010, GET_PARAMVALUES1010, GET_DUMPFILESET1010, GET_JOBSTATUS1010, ATTACH, and ESTABLISH_REMOTE_CONTEXT functions in DBMS_DATAPUMP.