ID CVE-2005-4227
Type cve
Modified 2018-10-19T15:40:00


Multiple "potential" SQL injection vulnerabilities in DCP-Portal 6.1.1 might allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via (1) the password and username parameters in advertiser.php, (2) the aid parameter in announcement.php, (3) the dcp5_member_id, year, agid, day, day_s, hour, minute, month, month_s, and year_s parameters in calendar.php, (4) the cid parameter in contents.php, (5) the dcp5_member_id parameter in forums.php, (6) the bid parameter in go.php, (7) the lid parameter in golink.php, (8) the dcp5_member_id and mid parameters in inbox.php, (9) the catid, dcat, and dl parameters in index.php, (10) the dcp5_member_id in informer.php, (11) the nid parameter in news.php, (12) the type and rate parameters in rate.php, (13) the q parameter in search.php, and (14) the dcp5_member_id in update.php. NOTE: other vectors in the PHP-CHECKER report are also covered by CVE-2005-3365 and CVE-2005-0454.