ID CVE-2005-3455
Type cve
Modified 2012-10-23T01:51:00


Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Oracle E-Business Suite and Applications 11.5 up to 11.5.10 have unknown impact and attack vectors, as identified by Oracle Vuln# (1) APPS01 in Application Install; (2) APPS02 and (3) APPS03 in Application Object Library; (4) APPS05 and (5) APPS06 in Applications Technology Stack; (6) APPS07 in Applications Utilities; (7) APPS09, (8) APPS10, and (9) APPS11 in HRMS; (10) APPS12 in Mobile Application Foundation; (11) APPS13 in SDP Number Portability; (12) APPS14 in Oracle Service; (13) APPS15 in Service Fulfillment Manage, (14) APPS16 in Universal Work Queue; and (15) APPS20 in Workflow Cartridge.