ID CVE-2005-3024
Type cve
Modified 2016-10-18T03:32:00


Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in vBulletin 3.0.7 and earlier allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the (1) announcement parameter to announcement.php, the (2) thread[forumid] or (3) criteria parameters to thread.php, (4) userid parameter to user.php, the (5) calendarcustomfieldid, (6) calendarid, (7) moderatorid, (8) holidayid, (9) calendarmoderatorid, or (10) calendar[0] parameters to admincalendar.php, (11) the cronid parameter to cronlog.php, (12) user[usergroupid][0] parameter to email.php, (13) help[0] parameter to help.php, the (14) limitnumber or (15) limitstart parameter to user.php, the (16) usertitleid or (17) ids parameters to usertitle.php, (18) rvt[0] parameter to language.php, (19) keep[0] parameter to phrase.php, (20) dostyleid parameter to template.php, (21) thread[forumid] parameter to thread.php, or (22) usertools.php.