Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software GUI Configuration Denial of Service Vulnerabilities

Type cisco
Reporter Cisco
Modified 2019-04-18T18:04:38


Multiple vulnerabilities in the administrative GUI configuration feature of Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) Software could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to cause the device to reload unexpectedly during device configuration when the administrator is using this GUI, causing a denial of service (DoS) condition on an affected device. The attacker would need to have valid administrator credentials on the device.

These vulnerabilities are due to incomplete input validation for unexpected configuration options that the attacker could submit while accessing the GUI configuration menus. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by authenticating to the device and submitting crafted user input when using the administrative GUI configuration feature. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to cause the device to reload, resulting in a DoS condition.

These vulnerabilities have a Security Impact Rating (SIR) of High because they could be exploited when the software fix for the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability [""] is not in place. In that case, an unauthenticated attacker who first exploits the cross-site request forgery vulnerability could perform arbitrary commands with the privileges of the administrator user by exploiting the vulnerabilities described in this advisory.

Cisco has released software updates that address these vulnerabilities. There are no workarounds that address these vulnerabilities.

This advisory is available at the following link: [""]