BlackBerry Enterprise Server fails to properly handle Microsoft Word attachments

ID VU:520718
Type cert
Reporter CERT
Modified 2006-08-21T00:00:00



A buffer overflow vulnerability in BlackBerry Enterprise Server may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.


A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the BlackBerry Attachment Service component of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code when the service fails to handle a malformed Microsoft Word (.doc) document.

BlackBerry states that the following systems are vulnerable:

* BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.2 and later for IBM Lotus Domino 
* BlackBerry Enterprise Server 3.6 and later for Microsoft Exchange 
* BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 and later for Novell GroupWise


A remote attacker who can successfully convince a user to open a malicious Microsoft Word attachment on a BlackBerry Handheld device may be able to execute arbitrary code and compromise a vulnerable server.


BlackBerry provides the following solutions: