Digital Unix msgchk vulnerable to file contents disclosure via symlink redirection of profile

ID VU:440539
Type cert
Reporter CERT
Modified 2001-11-15T00:00:00



msgchk, a part of the MH mail system, reads the user's .mh_profile in order to obtain configuration options. If the .mh_profile is linked to another file with illegal format, the first line of that file will be displayed in an error message by msgchk.


msgchk is the portion of the MH mail system that checks for new mail in the system spool folder. It reads the user's .mh_profile in order to obtain configuration options. If that file is linked to another file readable by the effective user of msgchk, and not of legal .mh_profile format, then msgchk will display the first line of that file in an error message.


If msgchk executes with the user's effective UID, there is no vulnerability here. If msgchk is protected to set another UID, there is a possibility that an attacker may view protected information.


The CERT/CC is currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem.

Remove setuid privileges from msgchk.

Systems Affected

Vendor| Status| Date Notified| Date Updated
DEC| | 09 Oct 2001| 15 Nov 2001
If you are a vendor and your product is affected, let us know.

CVSS Metrics

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This vulnerability was first described by Seung Huyn Seo.

This document was last modified by Tim Shimeall.

Other Information

  • CVE IDs: Unknown
  • Date Public: 10 Sep 2001
  • Date First Published: 15 Nov 2001
  • Date Last Updated: 15 Nov 2001
  • Severity Metric: 1.88
  • Document Revision: 11