gimp security update

ID CESA-2006:0598
Type centos
Reporter CentOS Project
Modified 2006-07-18T18:18:27


CentOS Errata and Security Advisory CESA-2006:0598

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an image composition and editing program.

Henning Makholm discovered a buffer overflow bug in The GIMP XCF file loader. An attacker could create a carefully crafted image that could execute arbitrary code if opened by a victim. (CVE-2006-3404)

Please note that this issue did not affect the gimp packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, or 3.

Users of The GIMP should update to these erratum packages which contain a backported fix to correct this issue.

Merged security bulletin from advisories:

Affected packages: gimp gimp-devel

Upstream details at: