Cb Defense Q3 2017 Release Future-Proofs Your Ransomware Defenses

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We’re excited to announce the Cb Defense Q3 2017 release is here!

Cb Defense has always been focused on bringing you the best possible prevention, built upon our unique streaming prevention platform, combined with our market-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. The Q3 2017 release is no different; we’ve assembled a number of key, new features and enhancements to ensure Cb Defense enables you to future-proof your ransomware defenses and respond in real-time to stop attacks in progress.

This release will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. Below you’ll find the highlights.


The Cb Defense Q3 2017 release focuses on two major themes: addressing the accelerated threat of ransomware and optimizing your resourcing with speed and efficiency during and immediately following an attack.

This release brings with it streaming ransomware prevention, which defends against current and future ransomware outbreaks, as well as Live Response, which gives you the speed and efficiency needed to respond to and remediate security issues and attacks in progress, before any business impact is felt.

  • Introducing file heuristics including canary files, benign files that act as bait to expose evasive ransomware variants
  • Shadow-file protection prevents the disabling or removing of local backups
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) protection prevents full and partial disk encryption that can make restoration from backups impossible
  • Live Response creates a secure, remote shell into any system to get information, grab files, perform memory dumps, or run scripts for full remediation in minutes without the need to call IT.

For a quick look at these new features and enhancements check out the short teaser below:

Streaming Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware is evolving at a rapid pace, using innovative techniques to spread faster, hit harder and increase payout potential. To protect against this ever-changing threat, Carbon Black focuses on detecting the stream of events that lead to a ransomware outbreak, uncovering it regardless of what variant comes your way.

The Alert Triage page visualizes the sequence of events related to the specific threat.

Cb Defense now leverages the same streaming prevention engine that offers enhanced prevention against non-malware attacks to detect and prevent unknown and “file-less” ransomware. In doing so, it enables you to future-proof your defenses against new ransomware variants designed to evade traditional defenses or have no reputation data available.

Live Response

With the addition of Live Response, Cb Defense optimizes resourcing with speed and efficiency at the time of attack, so security teams can respond and remediate before any impact to the business is felt. With its ability to grant a direct, secure shell with protected endpoints (regardless of location), Live Response is the fastest way to take corrective action and puts you in complete control to improve your security posture in real-time.

With Live Response, administrators can create a secure shell with an endpoint no matter where it is.

As attacks persist and spread, containment efforts exponentially grow and can bog down daily activities and projects. Then, once an attack is contained, IT teams are pressured to move quickly in order to get affected machines back online. This often results in days of reimagining, which cost businesses time and money.

Live Response gives security admins the ability to remote shell into any system to perform memory dumps, grab or delete files, or run scripts for full remediation in minutes without calling IT. Along with the ability to stop attacks in progress, live response allows you to access and remediate infected endpoints from any location, whether or not they are on your corporate network, for full forensic analysis.


This highly-anticipated release is yet another step forward in our efforts to make Cb Defense the most-proven NGAV solution for preventing and responding to the world’s most prevalent, emerging threats. If you want to learn more about how streaming prevention can help you future-proof your ransomware defenses, join us for a live webinar on September 21.

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