Carbon Black Elevated to CDW Emerging Gold Partner

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Reporter Ryan Murphy
Modified 2018-03-22T13:00:26


I am proud to announce that CDW recently elevated Carbon Black from the “Silver” partner designation to “Emerging Gold!”

This honor is a true testament to our growing partnership with CDW. It’s also a reflection of CDW’s continued commitment to endpoint security by leveraging Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), via Cb Defense, and the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC).

> CDW’s commitment to cybersecurity is enviable, and precisely what we strive to see in Carbon Black partners. Above all, CDW and Carbon Black share a similar vision – keeping organizations protected from cyberattacks.

More than four years ago, Carbon Black (Bit9 at the time) and CDW began its partnership. Our teams worked tirelessly to provide cybersecurity solutions for organizations around the globe. Today, CDW’s portfolio consists of more than 1,500 vendors and Carbon Black’s customer portfolio exceeds 3,700 customers.

It’s often not easy to earn the mindshare of executives, leadership, and sellers. It takes time, commitment, and establishing trust in the market. With CDW’s help, Carbon Black has earned this mindshare and trust and has set itself apart in the market by providing best-in-class security solutions and services mixed with an impressive technology ecosystem.

Over the past four years, Carbon Black has employed a CDW-dedicated team. This team works closely with CDW’s leadership, AMs and technical teams, building trust and relationships among sales and engineering organizations. We are proud of that commitment and the progress we have made.

> However, the work doesn’t stop here! I continue to be optimistic as we grow our partnership with CDW, (now as an Emerging GOLD Partner) and keep organizations around the globe safe from cyberattacks.

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