Navigating the Looming Threat of Nation-State Attacks

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Nation-state attacks are sophisticated cyberthreats from adversaries working directly or indirectly for their own government. Their objectives might be to steal sensitive information, disrupt enemy capabilities, grow financial power through cryptocurrency, or even sway the international balance of hard and soft power.

Their ultimate motivation? To place their nation in a better position against political and economic rivals.

Nation-states can and will target a range of industries and organizations, including private hospitals, financial institutions, and as you’ve no doubt heard, election infrastructures. This means that they pose a high-risk, high-impact threat to the finances, information, and reputation of any organization that provides high value.

So, how do nation-state attacks work?

The term “nation-state actor” only describes a category of attacker, not the means of the threat itself. A nation-state actor can use any of the attacks in our Threats on the Rise series, from spear phishing to ransomware. Additionally, these attackers are being trained in countermeasures against their targets’ defenses.

Unlike other types of adversaries that work alone or in lean groups, nation-state attackers are well-funded, well-equipped, and well-trained. Their methods can even extend into the realm of social engineering and even offline spycraft. By manipulating the humans behind the computer, a nation-state attack can remain undetected for extended periods of time.

To hold your ground against nation-state attacks, you need to know your enemy.

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