Turning the Tables on Cyber Attackers

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Reporter Ryan Murphy
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Today, Carbon Black joins the community of public companies (NASDAQ: CBLK). While we are humbled and excited by this milestone, we also acknowledge there’s plenty of progress still to be made.

For Carbon Black as a company and the industry as a whole, that progress starts with shifting the balance of power away from attackers and back to defenders.

Making that shift, we believe, requires a more data-intensive approach than ever before, which is the foundation of the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC). With the PSC, our aim is to leverage the power of big data, analytics, and the cloud at scale to transform security and turn the tables on attackers.

Through unfiltered endpoint data, we give defenders (and customers) a comprehensive view of everything occurring on their endpoints. And through our unique streaming analytics, we’re able to pinpoint the root cause of advanced attacks quickly and confidently. In cybersecurity, data is power, and confidence creates peace of mind.

Carbon Black’s vision from day one has been clear and simple: “Create a world safe from cyber attacks.” The importance of that vision is more critical today than ever before. The rapid transformation of our world into a digital society and economy has created a massive opportunity for cyber adversaries of all kinds, including criminal syndicates and state-sponsored actors.

Our adversaries are leveraging the Internet and today’s digital technologies not only to conduct increasingly sophisticated attacks, but to collaborate and trade tools and information through marketplaces on the dark web. These illicit economies generate billions of dollars for cyber attackers annually and the marketplaces are growing at a torrid pace.

Make no mistake, cybercrime is a business. More capital fuels additional crime, which fosters a vicious cycle. It’s time to disrupt this cycle. Cyber crime affects everyone -- individuals, businesses, and governments -- and poses an existential threat to our connected way of life, including our democracy. The solutions that worked in the past are no longer effective today. Carbon Black and the PSC are helping stem the tide.

With more than 3,700 customers globally, including 33 of the Fortune 100, we are proud of what we have accomplished to date. But there is much more to be done. We remain committed to our vision of creating a world safe from cyber attacks. And we believe it’s time for a new approach to security.

My gratitude goes out to Carbon Black’s customers, partners, and employees. Today, we have you to thank for reaching this milestone in our company’s history. My promise to you is that we are just getting started.

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