5 Cybersecurity Tips You Need To Know

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1. Passwords

Passwords should be thought of more as “pass-phrases.” They should be at least 16 characters long, contain uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Furthermore, you should update your passwords at least every 6 months—although every 90 days is recommended.

Additionally, all of your devices—laptops, cellphones, tablets—should have password/passcodes on them.

2. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails remain the number one tactic cybercriminals use to gain access to your network and sensitive information.

These tricks can help you spot a phishing attempt:

  1. Suspicious/Unknown Email Addresses
  2. Consistent Grammar & Spelling Mistakes Throughout the Email Copy
  3. Suspicious Files / File Names OR Hidden/Masks Links

3. Keep Software Up-to-date

To ensure your protection is current, you should always update your Operating Systems, Web Browsers, and any Applications you use regularly, as soon as updates are available.

4. Be Careful in Public

When in working in public, whether you’re at an airport or a cafe, there are a few simple rules you should follow.

  1. Try never to use public or unsecure WiFi.
  2. Minimize the amount of location sharing provided by your laptops and mobile devices
  3. Never plug an unknown USB, or similar device, into your laptop

5. Two-Factor Authentication

Finally—and most importantly—everyone should utilize two-factor or multi-factor authentication whenever possible.

Two-factor authentication is a method of confirming a users' claimed identity by using a combination of two different factors: 1) something they know, 2) something they have, or 3) something they are. Most commonly, two-factor authentication uses a password (something you know) and a mobile device (something you have).

Apple, Google and most other companies offer two-factor authentication for all related accounts. Set up is extremely easy and can help keep sensitive information, like credit card numbers, secure.

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