What You Should Look For in a Next-Generation Security Solution

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Today’s businesses face a unique set of challenges. They want security that works and is easy to implement and manage but, frequently, are working with a limited budget and resources. Many organizations know their current antivirus solution has gaps, but don’t know where to begin in the search for something new. According to ESG Research, 65% of organizations believe that the skill level of their security team could use improvement and 48% are using more than 25 security products. This leads to more overworked employees and, ultimately, less effective security. And not every endpoint security solution can meet the demands of the modern business. Finding the right solution that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and can cost-effectively protect a growing business is important, and there are certain critical things to look out for during the selection process.

Protection and Detection

Traditional AV is no longer enough to protect organizations’ endpoints, as it only stops signature-based, known malware. It’s important to find a solution that stops all types of modern attacks, not just malware, and is able to recognize and kill patterns of malicious behavior. This means that it looks not just at what a file is, but at how it behaves, and can recognize when this behavior seems out of place, or dangerous. A solution should also give professionals the ability to create, test, and quickly deploy policies to improve prevention and reduce false positives

And let’s not forget the importance of the ability to leverage prevention solutions by setting different policies for different endpoints—including phones, tablets and laptops—used by all of a company's workers. It is more common than not for employees to work at home, in airports, hotel rooms, airplanes, and coffee shops. When was the last time you responded to an email from your phone? Or carried on an entire work conversation via text or Slack?.

Visibility and Context

An effective endpoint security solution should allow users to build and customize queries and reports related to endpoint state and activity across the entire organization. It should reveal the full chain of processes affected by the malware/malicious behavior. Strong security requires transparency, and the quicker it is to get to the information that’s needed, the faster it is to understand and remedy a situation. Organizations will need visualization tools, using both graphical and plain language presentations for real-time visibility and retrospective analysis of events.

Operational Requirements

A strong endpoint security solution should be consolidated in a cloud-based management console for all modules. This means that all endpoint security functions can be performed from one location, making operations easier to manage. The solution should also have the ability to integrate with the other products in an organization’s security stack—both with standard and custom integrations, simplifying deployment. In short, organizations will benefit from simplified, streamlined security, that leverages a single source of truth for effective prevention, detection, visibility and response.

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