Partner Perspectives: How Axonius and Carbon Black Make Seeing and Securing All Assets Radically Simple

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Back in the 1990s, visibility and security were much easier. In the workplace, users connected their laptops and desktops to a network through a cable. Asset inventory was as simple as walking from cubicle to cubicle or entering specs into a spreadsheet. And then, of course, things became much more difficult.

Despite the amazing innovations in cybersecurity - from big data to artificial intelligence, machine learning to automation - companies today struggle to answer the questions: How many assets do I have? And are they secure?

BYOD, cloud technology, virtualization and IoT gained popularity as mobile devices became more widely used. However, these tools and trends have resulted in data fragmentation. This makes it incredibly difficult and cumbersome for IT and security teams to understand what is present in their environments, and whether their assets are secure.

Axonius provides organizations with a single view into all assets by connecting with their environments’ different security and management solutions. A recent addition to the Carbon Black Integration Network, Axonius integrates with Cb Response, Cb Protection and Cb Defense to offer customers access to Carbon Black’s cybersecurity and remediation tools directly through Axonius’ asset-management platform.

Who is Axonius and What Do They Do?

Axonius is a cybersecurity asset-management platform that integrates with over 50 security and management solutions to collect and correlate device information, resulting in a single view of all assets. This provides customers with answers to questions such as:

  • How many of my devices are unknown or unmanaged?
  • Which assets are missing my endpoint protection product of choice?
  • Do I have any users with improper permissions (for example, a password policy that never requires a new password, or local admin access to multiple OUs)?
  • Which devices have never been scanned by my vulnerability assessment tools?

Asset information collected by the platform can be turned into queries, and any query can trigger an alert.

Here’s How the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform Works

Below you’ll find a 3-minute tutorial about how to utilize Carbon Black products through the Axonius platform:

What Are the Benefits of This Joint Solution?

Customers using Cb Defense, Cb Protection, and Cb Response can use this joint solution to:

  • Indicate assets covered by a Carbon Black solution and identify all devices that should have a Carbon Black agent, but do not.
  • Assess the health of your Carbon Black agents: Verify the health and integrity of a Carbon Black agent by checking for tamper alerts from Carbon Black, by reviewing a device’s aspects, or by inspecting the endpoint data queue. These resources help to ensure Carbon Black’s agents, as well as other deployed softwares, are functioning properly.
  • Reduce Mean Time to Inventory: When an incident is detected by Carbon Black, customers can quickly understand the context of the attack through detailed information about assets, users and vulnerabilities provided by Carbon Black’s solutions.

How Can I Use This in My Organization?

Carbon Black customers can sign up for a 30-minute demo of the Axonius platform today.

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