Cb Defense Praised in Independent Tests, Product Reviews

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Earlier this week, Carbon Black announced the Q3 release of Cb Defense, which features breakthrough streaming ransomware prevention as well as live response capability. Following this announcement, three independent security organizations published reviews and reports confirming the efficacy of Cb Defense against advanced attacks, with special attention paid to never-before-seen ransomware samples.

In a report published on Monday, MRG Effitas, a UK-based IT security research organization, announced that Cb Defense had received a perfect score during an evaluation against a comprehensive set of ransomware samples.

“Crypto-ransomware is one of the most dangerous malware types, because if it infects a system, it can stop business processes for days or even weeks. Based on the excellent protection, Cb Defense earned the MRG Effitas certified ransomware protection badge.”

MRG Effitas’s independent efficacy test, which ran between September 1 and September 9, was made up of samples from 42 ransomware families, including a number of file-less and homegrown samples, many of which were less than 24 hours old. Cb Defense was tested in both online and offline mode to avoid any reliance on hash-based reputation. In both cases, MRG Effitas reported that Cb Defense detected and blocked all ransomware samples included in the test.

In addition to the test results released by MRG Effitas, two other organizations also released independent reviews of Cb Defense this week. Sylint, an internationally recognized cybersecurity firm, published a decisive product review that praised Cb Defense’s efficacy against modern threats.

“Throughout our testing, we attempted to exploit common attack vectors that we frequently

observe during our investigations,” explained Craig Zeigler, author of the review. “While we were able to store files on our test systems, we were unable to execute any of those applications, and we were effectively alerted to malicious activity on the endpoint and in the Cb Defense management console.”

During their testing of Cb Defense, Sylint utilized a handful of high-profile attacks, including a sample from the Petya/NotPetya ransomware family that made international headlines following an outbreak in June.

Finalizing a remarkable week for Cb Defense, the SANS Institute published its own review of Cb Defense on Friday, saying the product prevents and detects malware and malware-elss attacks “with a high degree of intelligence and analytics.”

“Utilizing a cloud-based delivery system, it makes informed decisions on subtle user and system behaviors that we wouldn’t otherwise see with traditional antivirus tools,” explained Jerry Shenk in his executive summary of the SAN report.

To learn more about Cb Defense, including its new breakthrough streaming ransomware prevention, please join our live webinar on Thursday, September 21, Future-Proof Your Ransomware Defense. Additionally, you can see our award-winning NGAV solution live in action every Wednesday during our weekly live demo of Cb Defense.

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