October 6, 2017 – Morning Cyber Coffee Headlines – “Michael Viscuso” Edition

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Good morning! Sit with Carbon Black this morning over a cup of coffee (or tea) and browse a few industry headlines to get the day started. We’ve got just enough information below to get you through that first cup…enjoy!

October 6, 2017 - Headlines

Carbon Black in the News: Step aside, Windows! Open source and Linux are IT’s new security headache - ComputerWorld

Carbon Black in the News: What is ransomware? Everything you need to know - IT Pro Portal

New N.S.A. Breach Linked to Popular Russian Antivirus Software - NYTimes

Russia reportedly stole U.S. cybersecurity secrets - Daily Dot

French Group Orange Eyes Growth From Cybersecurity Businesses - NYTimes

When Soviets Launched Sputnik, C.I.A. Was Not Surprised - NYTimes

How Sentara Healthcare is building a pipeline of cybersecurity talent - Healthcare IT News

How Overconfidence Can Lead to Lax Cybersecurity - CSO Online

As Hacks Proliferate, New Cybersecurity Roundtable Promotes Women's Leadership - Daily Reporter Online

Equifax Lands $7.25 Million Contract with IRS - Dark Reading

Did You Know?

Carbon Black CTO and Co-founder Michael Viscuso turns 35 today. He was recently named a 40-Under-40 winner by the Boston Business Journal.

**Quote of the Day

**"When I was an offensive hacker, if I could get access to the endpoint, I could do anything I wanted." - Michael Viscuso

**Today's Video of the Day

**Today's Trivia

What Pennsylvania university (which also won the the 2016 NCAA men's basketball title) did Carbon Black CTO and Co-founder Michael Viscuso attend?

Yesterday's Question: What number president was Benjamin Franklin?

Answer: He was never president

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