What Can Application Control Do For You?

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In past blogs, we’ve taken a look at application control and the best practices for successful deployment. Today we’re going to shift gears slightly, and highlight the reasons some companies have chosen this practice.

Whitelist With Flexibility

It seems counterintuitive to put “whitelisting” and “flexibility” together-but that’s just what some internet giants have done. They keep their machines in a fully locked down, high-enforcement mode by focusing purely on outside persistent threats. They have implemented a successful system where users, peers, and leads can make security decisions together.

These companies host some of the most open and dynamic work environments on the planet and yet have application control locked down. Being comfortable with the nuances of security is the key to their success.

Solve a Crisis

It’s not uncommon for customers to be in a breach situation when they first choose to implement application control.They are experiencing the new security landscape firsthand, and they need to stop the flood as quickly as possible. This situation can be difficult, as no one at this stage wants to go back to the drawing board. Taking a step back is hard enough when you’re in a panic, and much harder still when you’re accustomed to working with specific systems and practices.

At Carbon Black, we understand this, and provide an emergency workshop, that allows customers to acclimate to the transition. Typically within just one day of face-to-face interactions, they are able to realign their expectations about how application control works.This crucial moment of planning results in more swift and efficient implementation, and better management of stakeholder expectations.

Control an Environment

Perhaps the quickest and easiest environments to deploy application control in are ones that are highly controlled and well understood, with limited possible configurations and time to understand the necessary changes and right approach.

Cb Protection’s strongest and oldest customer base is point-of-sale systems. Once configured, these machines are very infrequently changed and only perform specific functions. And, despite the high-profile breaches we read about in the news, most point-of-sale customers are not in a difficult situation, but are instead working proactively, for both security and compliance reasons.

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