VIDEO: Carbon Black Hackathon Competition Features MBTA Charlie Tracker

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The Carbon Black R&D team just finished its third quarterly “hackathon” – a block of free time completely dedicated to collaboration and innovation. Projects can be anything a submitting team desires and submission do not need to be related to a product or even Carbon Black itself. The main purpose of these hackathons is for participants to have fun and work on something inspiring.

At the end of the hackathon, each team submits a demo video to the Cb Hackathon group on the Carbon Black intranet. The winners of the hackathon are chosen by the Carbon Black community; the submissions are judged on their societal value, novelty, creativity, functionality, progress, ease of implementation, and overall quality.

In the submission below, two ambitious engineers, Greg Daneault, a Carbon Black backend developer, and Zenas Lu, a Carbon Black user experience designer, created "Charlie Tracker," an over-sized map of Boston's MBTA system showing, in real-time, where and when various MBTA trains are on the grid.

The project involved 150 LEDs, one FadeCandy controller, more the 70 feet of wire, and Python code to deliver a real-time, stunning visualization of Boston's public transport system. LED lights indicate where trains are stopped and when trains are approaching.

Watch the video below for more!

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