Cb Customer Spotlight Series: Q&A Landmark Credit Union’s Matt Goodacre

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Featuring Matt Goodacre, Security Analyst at Landmark Credit Union

With all their endpoints in high enforcement mode, Matt Goodacre, Security Analyst at Landmark Credit Union in Wisconsin, is confident the organization’s workstations are up to locked down when it comes to security.

Here’s how Goodacre gains peace of mind with the security of Cb Protection, and how Carbon Black’s customer community, Cb User Exchange, gives him the support he needs to quickly solve issues.

  • How have your learnings from the greater security community influenced your security practice?
    As an industry we need to stop saying no to things we do not like. We need to say “Know” with a K. We must always be open to and knowledgeable about new tools, technology, tactics and procedures.

  • What advice do you have for someone starting their career in security?
    Be willing to constantly learn, adapt and be patient. Communication at all levels is important to build trust and rapport to influence change and forward movement to secure environments.

  • How would you describe the value you have received from the User Exchange community?
    I enjoy Carbon Black’s User Exchange community, and spend my time looking through the Threat Research page for new reports and updates, as well as responses to community questions.

  • Which resource within the User Exchange do you utilize the most or find most useful to your company?
    I utilize the Threat Research page the most and enjoy reading the TAU-TINs. I also look to make sure we are following the standard process behavior.

  • Going from the User Exchange to our VIP program, Cb Defenders, how has your experience improved? What is the difference in your experience going from the User Exchange to Cb Defenders?
    I enjoy competing in the challenges presented in Cb Defenders. I am currently working towards earning enough points to get a shirt from the rewards catalog. After completing the challenges, I typically browse the User Exchange to see if any new versions of the product have been released. I also like to review other Cb Defenders’ analyses because it’s a good way to get a summary of what is going on.

  • Tell us about the process for choosing Carbon Black. Why did Carbon Black stand out amongst the competition?
    Although I was not involved in the process, it is my understanding that the choice was the result of an audit, where we could not allow anything to run from a temporary directory and Carbon Black complied. After about four months, all of our workstations were in high enforcement, and our previous concerns with phishing emails and ransomware have vanished because of Cb Protection.

  • Do you have your own personal security philosophy?
    While not my own, I do enjoy the saying “The more quiet you become, the more you can hear.”

  • Do you have any final statements regarding Carbon Black or the community?
    Cb Protection is awesome. One piece of advice I would give to potential customers is to invest your time into this product – you can’t keep jumping from tool to tool. Carbon Black does a great job blocking everything, it is worth the time you put into the product.

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