Can You Handle the Cyber Threats Coming in 2019?

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I never thought I’d long for the days when Pikachu and Anna Kournikova worms were thriving. But back then, cyber attacks caused chaos, but not significant damage. Fast forward to 2019 and the threat landscape has changed. Now attackers are out to do significant damage to your company. This damage may be with theft of information or cryptocurrency or it may be literal as attackers destroy your data with a scorched earth policy.

Threat Research Data Illustrates What’s Coming in 2019

I know it sounds like I’m describing extreme cases and being too “doom and gloom”. But our threat research has shown that 32% of cyber attacks that are investigated by IR professionals were destructive. The attackers didn’t care what was left as they went through the system and burned the data to the ground. That’s one-third of all cyber attacks!

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And modern attackers have the ability to spread through your system quickly. Threat research continues to show an increase each quarter in lateral movement being used during an attack. The latest report showed lateral movement in 70% of attacks. That means that in more than two-thirds of attacks, the attacker will jump and quickly spread throughout your environment.

Advanced Threats + Legacy Antivirus = Big Problems

In 2019, we have the costly combination of sophisticated attack methods that are spreading quickly and doing irreparable damage mixed with legacy antivirus that is nowhere near sophisticated enough to detect, nor stop these types of threats.

Let’s face it, many of you reading this may have legacy antivirus systems that are rooted in 30 to 40 year old technology. They were built to handle Pikachu and Anna Kournikova. These systems are hard to configure, complex to maintain and cause performance problems on your endpoints. But even worse than that, they are useless against advanced attack methods like fileless malware.

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What You Need to Combat the Threats of 2019

It’s clear that cyber attacks are more aggressive and more advanced than they’ve ever been before. But there is good news! Modern cyber security companies have developed systems that are architected specifically around the tactics of modern attackers. These systems not only provide you with better protection, but with actionable insights for threat hunting.

Here’s what you need to combat modern cyber threats:

  • Next-gen AV + EDR - This means antivirus that can handle non-malware with ease.
  • Managed alert monitoring - Your team can’t all be threat experts. In 2019, companies need the help of dedicated threat experts to monitor and validate alerts, provide context to root cause and notify your team of only what they need to focus on.
  • IT hygiene - In 2019, SecOps needs a real-time way to inspect endpoints and remediate. It’s got to be simple to use, but powerful enough to give real-time results.
  • Advanced threat hunting - As your SecOps teams evolves to take a more proactive approach by hunting threats, you’ll need the tools to give you access to the big data world of endpoint activity and recognize the patterns that allow you to hunt.
  • Virtual datacenter security - Most companies rely on VMware to virtualize their datacenters. But with such a large focus in 2019 on data theft, it is a critical system to protect.

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And the best news is that these systems are consolidated into a single agent in the cloud. This means that modern cyber security tools can actually drive down the cost and complexity of managing your endpoints while providing you superior protection. Simplifying your operations is a bonus with real ROI attached to it.

My advice: Don’t wait to get hit by modern attacks this year. The damage will far outweigh the investment in upgrading your security solutions.

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