October 19, 2017 – Morning Cyber Coffee Headlines – “NCAA Football” Edition

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Good morning! Sit with Carbon Black this morning over a cup of coffee (or tea) and browse a few industry headlines to get the day started. We’ve got just enough information below to get you through that first cup…enjoy!

October 19, 2017 - Headlines

Carbon Black in the News: Did you hear about the Whole Foods data breach? - MarketWatch

Carbon Black in the News: Ransomware On The Rise: Dark Web Market Demand Up 2,500% - IB Times

Cybersecurity Is Changing The Way Leaders Behave - Forbes

Texas looks to stand up cybersecurity information sharing group - State Scoop

How states can improve cybersecurity on a budget - State Scoop

5 steps leaders can take to improve cybersecurity in their organization - Tech Republic

Wi-Fi vulnerability illustrates the need for better cybersecurity - The Hill

Malicious Minecraft Apps on Google Android Could Turn Devices into Bots - Dark Reading

Oracle Fixes 20 Remotely Exploitable Java SE Vulns - Dark Reading

The Future of Democratic Threats is Digital - Dark Reading

Information security, 2018: What we have here is a failure to plan - CSO Online

Did You Know?

Today is 1873, Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Rutgers drafted the first code of football rules.

Quote of the Day

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." - Vince Lombardi

Today's Video of the Day

Today's Trivia!

Rutgers University is in what state?

Yesterday's Question: What team won the 2016-17 NBA championship?

Answer: Golden State Warriors

Beat the Streak! Our current longest streak of correct answers comes from Kourken A., who has achieved correct answers for 5 days straight. Can you beat the streak?

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