Cb Customer Spotlight Series: How Purdue Federal Credit Union Achieves Critical System Lockdown

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_Featuring Dee Lucas, Sr. Network Administrator at Purdue Federal Credit Union _

Leading financial institution, Purdue Federal Credit Union, serves over 71,000 members nationwide. This makes security of the utmost importance for Sr. Network Administrator Dee Lucas who supports Purdue Federal’s SOC team by overseeing the Carbon Black product.

Here’s how Lucas got into security, rolled out Cb Protection and has achieve critical system lockdown at Purdue Federal Credit Union.

  1. **Tell us about your career path and how you ended up at Purdue Federal Credit Union.

**_After exploring a few different career paths, including writing third person articles for IT, I made the decision that I wanted to work in security and joined Purdue Federal. Evaluating Carbon Black’s application control product, Cb Protection, was one of the first tasks I did when I started. Today I oversee the Cb Protection product and support our SOC team.

_ 2. **Why did you choose Carbon Black?

**_We actually demoed three products in our evaluation and we had traditional AV for years. We decided to replace AV and chose Carbon Black because it was the easiest to use. Cb Protection helps us sleep at night and has saved us a number of times.

_ 3. **What value have you seen since using Carbon Black?

**_We used to spend hours upon hours ensuring our computers were safe, and we’d still not find out about an issue until it was too late. We used to spend hours reimaging machines and because of Cb Protection we don’t waste our time on that anymore.

_ 4. **How would you describe the value you have received from the User Exchange community?

**_This community brings a lot of value to us, being able to connect and interact with other security professionals is a major help for our company. Within the community, I research and look at what other users have found. If I am unable to find what I need on the community, which is rare, the Carbon Black staff is the next best thing I turn to.

_ 5. **What is your advice to others looking to start a career in security?

**_Stick with it. If you make the decisions to start a career in security, educate yourself and don’t give it up. It has its challenges but if you can get past those you’ll be successful.

__I’d also say to get involved in industry events. At Cb Connect, I have met so many wonderful people and especially enjoy hanging out with the technical users. They have so much information you can learn from and it is fun to hear the stories they share._

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