Customer Case Study: Stonewall Kitchen Prevents a New Trend in Malware with Carbon Black

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In the retail industry, a new level of security and compliance challenges have emerged making IT’s role even more pivotal and challenging. This is certainly the case for Stonewall Kitchen, creator of specialty food products. Since the company does all of their own manufacturing, distribution, retail, and wholesale across 11 facilities, their IT department has a lot to cover.

“We’re fairly complex from an IT perspective,” said William Bocash, IT Manager at Stonewall Kitchen. “One of our goals was to consolidate our security products. We were kind of scattered, it was difficult to manage. What Carbon Black was able to do was kind of bring multiple systems into one.”

Bocash cites PCI compliance as a driver for evaluating next-gen endpoint security solutions and ultimately choosing Carbon Black. The ability to protect corporate devices, critical services and fix-function devices enables Stonewall kitchen to maintain major compliance regulations.

However, it was a new trend in malware targeting their environments that made Carbon Black a critical component of Stonewall Kitchen’s security stack.

> “Our [antivirus] solution was actually recording more false positives than it was actually blocking anything malicious,” said Chris Morris, Systems Administrator at Stonewall Kitchen. “We knew there needed to be a change in order to protect our environment from this new trend.”’

“The innovation really is one of the big factors why we chose Carbon Black, the fact that it’s keeping up with the latest threats out there really made it a differentiator from other solutions we looked at,” added Bocash.

Part of the ROI Stonewall Kitchen has seen with Cb has been around management, especially on the server side. Consolidating security products has allowed them to eliminate at least three servers and all the overhead that goes with them. For Bocash, Morris and their team this is a significant time savings that frees up resources to focus on other critical tasks.

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