Congratulations to our Query of the Month Winner for July 2019!

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Reporter Katelyn Brawley
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Our Query of The Month competition recognizes the top community-shared query that provides value to other Osquery users. To determine the query of the month, our team selects the customer query that has the most engagement or helps solve an important problem. The winner of the contest each month receives recognition on the Query Exchange and a $100 Amazon gift card.

For July, we are excited to announce our second Query Exchange Query of The Month Winner mjomha!

Mjomha’s query is compatible with Windows and helps with your organization's IT Hygiene. As devices should only have trusted certificates, this query looks for self signed and expired certs on devices. This is quite useful in helping with certificate management and determining if there are malicious certs on machines.

Check out this query on our Query Exchange here.

Thank you, mjomha, for your contribution and congratulations on winning the $100 Amazon gift card! Be sure to check out the Query Exchange for more queries, and submit a query for a chance to win our next Query of the Month.

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