Why Small Businesses Need Cloud-Based Endpoint Security

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If you run security at a small business, you know that you aren’t immune from attacks. In fact, your intellectual property and data is often more at risk, as you are perceived to be an easier target than enterprise vendors. According to the Ponemon Institute, two thirds of SMBs have had at least one incident in the last two years. This risk comes from things like a lack of dedicated security resources, limited budgets, and a security stack that isn’t tailored to your needs. According to ESG research, 65% of organizations believe that the skill level of their security team could use improvement. This leads to overworked people, and less effective security.

The truth is, more isn’t always better when it comes to security products. In fact, many companies would benefit from consolidating their security stack and making the move to cloud-based security. There are three key reasons for this.

The most important of these reasons is: effective security. When you’re choosing an endpoint security platform, you want it to work. Unfortunately, according to the Ponemon Institute, 61% of SMBs say that their technology can’t detect and block most cyber attacks. An endpoint security product like Cb Defense can protect your environment from not just known malware, but also from never before seen attacks. It also lets you customize rules for each endpoint group across your environment to minimize false positives.

Second is ease of use. As an SMB, the best security is the kind that requires the least amount of work. You’re already stretched thin, and the last thing you need is to be constantly monitoring your security products. The right cloud based solution gives you access to everything you need in one place. You can investigate alerts, isolate endpoints, blacklist and delete applications-all from a single page. This lets you to quickly close security gaps and significantly reduce the risk of further damage from an ongoing attack.

Thirdly, a cloud-based solution is resource friendly. A product like Cb Defense, provides NGAV and EDR capabilities in the cloud, using single agent. This allows you to replace legacy antivirus and consolidate your security stack with no on-site infrastructure required. You can share endpoint data across your entire stack and integrate with your existing security tools. And a cloud-based solution is lightweight, having almost no impact on endpoint performance.

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