Immunity Canvas: LOCALLPC

Type canvas
Reporter Immunity Canvas
Modified 2006-12-22T02:28:00


Name| localLPC
CVE| CVE-2006-6696
Exploit Pack| CANVAS
Description| LPC local (MS07-021)
Notes| CVE Name: CVE-2006-6696
VENDOR: Microsoft
MSADV: MS07-021
CVSS: 6.9
CVE Url:
If you get FFFFFFF that means inetinfo died (sorry), STATUS_PORT_CONNECTION_REFUSED is normal. Just keep trying.
Also note that this will try 100 times, you might want to use the halt functionality to stop it
There's a very small chance this exploit will cause a box to pop up for inetinfo
So run it from a spawned listener you don't mind using.
Don't use this on a node spawned from inetinfo, or the node will die when inetinfo crashes