ID BSA-2021-1494
Type broadcom
Reporter Broadcom Security Response
Modified 2021-05-10T00:00:00



The Web application of Brocade Fabric OS before versions Brocade Fabric OS v9.0.1a and v8.2.3a contains debug statements that expose sensitive information to the program's standard output device. An attacker who has compromised the FOS system may utilize this weakness to capture sensitive information, such as user credentials.

Affected Products

Brocade Fabric OS versions before v9.0.1a and v8.2.3a

Products Confirmed Not Vulnerable

No other Brocade Fibre Channel Products from Broadcom products are currently known to be affected by this vulnerability.


A security update has been provided in Brocade Fabric OS version v9.0.1a and v8.2.3a


This issue was discovered through security testing.

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1.0 | Initial Publication | May 10, 2021