Elevate your container scanning: Vulners extensions for Trivy


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, a dependable vulnerability scanning tool is crucial. Trivy has proven itself as a reliable, fast, and user-friendly solution, but as threats evolve, the need for more advanced insights becomes evident.
Trivy has set a high bar with its reliability, speed, and user-friendly interface. It's an exceptional tool empowering developers and security professionals to unearth vulnerabilities swiftly.

The Need for More

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, it becomes evident that Trivy users may seek additional features or insights to enhance their vulnerability scanning capabilities. With new and emerging threats, staying ahead is crucial to ensure comprehensive protection.

Introducing Vulners Extensions

The Vulners Free Extension for Trivy introduces enhanced vulnerability insights by harnessing a specialized database curated by Vulners. It adds essential metrics, including the Vulners AI Score, Exploitation Probability, Exploited in the Wild Flag, Exploit Proofs of Concept Count, and Social Networks Discussion Count, complementing Trivy's standard CVSS score. These additions provide a more comprehensive understanding of the threats faced.

  • AI Score: Provides a CVSS prediction for early assessment.
  • Exploitation Probability: Gauges the likelihood of exploitation.
  • Exploited in the Wild Flag: Confirms exploitation based on sources like CISA KEV.
  • Exploit Proofs of Concept Count: Indicates the number of published proofs of concept.
  • Social Networks Discussion Count: Highlights the vulnerability's impact in the cybersecurity community.

These features ensure a more comprehensive understanding of the threats faced, beyond Trivy's standard capabilities.

Vulners Special Trivy Build

Taking it a step further, the special build offers extended Linux support, easy integration, and professional support. Tailored for a broader range of Linux distributions, this version requires a Vulners API key and a commercial license.

  • Extended Linux Support: Embrace a wider scanning scope across various Linux distributions.
  • Easy Integration: Download Vulners Trivy build and add your Vulners API key for a hassle-free setup and integration.
  • Professional Support: A Vulners commercial license grants exclusive access to dedicated support, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Real-world Scenarios

Let's delve into some real-world scenarios where the Vulners extension and special build make a tangible difference:

  1. Web Application Security: With the Vulners extension, Trivy provides insights into exploitable vulnerabilities and their likelihood of being exploited. This helps developers prioritize their patching efforts and fortify their web applications against potential attacks.
  2. Open Source Software Security: By integrating the Vulners special build with Trivy, organizations gain extended Linux support and professional assistance. This ensures comprehensive vulnerability scanning across a wide range of Linux distributions, allowing for proactive identification and mitigation of security risks in open source software.
  3. Threat Intelligence Research: Security researchers can leverage the Vulners extension's rich dataset and AI Score to assess vulnerabilities at an early stage. The Exploited in the Wild Flag and Social Networks Discussion Count provide valuable context and help researchers identify emerging threats.

These scenarios demonstrate the practical advantages of incorporating Vulners Extensions for Trivy into your vulnerability management strategy.


In conclusion, the Vulners extension and special build for Trivy empower organizations to level up their vulnerability scanning capabilities. By augmenting Trivy's standard features with enhanced insights and extended support, users can stay one step ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Ready to enhance your Trivy experience? Explore Vulners Extensions for Trivy now:

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