Vulnerability Management with Vulners Agents

Vulners Team has recently released new functionality for Linux vulnerability audit - Agent Scans. It's not just an API, but a complete enterprise-ready product.

IP Summary

Try it for free! To audit CentOS 7 with Vulners Agents server follow next steps:

  1. Add Vulners repostory repository. Create /etc/yum.repos.d/vulners.repo file: [vulners] name=Vulners Agent baseurl=$releasever/ enabled=1 gpgcheck=0
  2. Install Vulners agent yum install vulners-agent.noarch
  3. Get an API key
    • Sign in at
    • Go to -> API KEYS
    • Choose Scope "scan" and press "Generate new key"You will the same key: "HXKM3OMDIYGJLJ60MPM1X51AKC3XTD9Z28J78X12T2OC2MXSTKMMBN70EBBIQUAA"
  4. Add the key to /opt/vulners/conf/vulners.conf
  5. Wait for two hours or run /opt/vulners/ manually
  6. Go to and see the results:

IP Summary tab with vulnerabilities of assets:

IP Summary

Vulns Summary tab with all vulnerabilities:

Vulns Summary

Vulns List with all vulnerabilities for the hosts:

Vulns List

List of all scans:

Scan List

If you click on the vulnerability, you will see the description:

Vulnerability decription

You can filter assets and vulnerabilities using special filters in left part of the screen:

Vulners Filters

And if you don't want to store vulnerability data in the cloud solution, you can also try Vulners on-premise edition. If you are interested, please contact us.