CVE-2019-3969: Comodo Antivirus Privilege Escalation

ID AKB:EF403433-4978-4777-AD11-18E1F345DD4F
Type attackerkb
Reporter AttackerKB
Modified 2020-02-13T17:12:31


Comodo Antivirus versions up to are vulnerable to Local Privilege Escalation due to CmdAgent's handling of COM clients. A local process can bypass the signature check enforced by CmdAgent via process hollowing which can then allow the process to invoke sensitive COM methods in CmdAgent such as writing to the registry with SYSTEM privileges.

Recent assessments:

asoto-r7 at 2019-07-24T20:51:20.500222Z reported: This is a very well-written research paper, with lots of artifacts and a Github-hosted PoC. As privesc's go, this looks pretty reliable. Since I'm not seeing any publications from Comodo yet, this may still be useful in the wild.

Assessed Attacker Value: 3 Assessed Exploitability: 4 space-r7 at 2019-07-24T17:33:32.347265Z reported:

Assessed Attacker Value: 4 Assessed Exploitability: 3