NVIDIA binary graphics driver: Privilege escalation vulnerability

ID AKB:A600F9D9-DB2B-4D35-9055-5BA9AB7AA3AE
Type attackerkb
Reporter AttackerKB
Modified 2020-06-05T00:00:00


The accelerated rendering functionality of NVIDIA Binary Graphics Driver (binary blob driver) For Linux v8774 and v8762, and probably on other operating systems, allows local and remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a large width value in a font glyph, which can be used to overwrite arbitrary memory locations.

Recent assessments:

jcran at November 14, 2019 9:34pm UTC reported:

This vuln is triggerable as a drive-by if someone visits a site using a browser while the impacted nvidia blob driver was used on the system. You could do this by installing a custom set of font glyphs that contain shellcode, and overflowing the video buffer with a long “string” of those glyphs (which would write past the video buffer memory boundary). However, the likelihood of someone using this driver today is extremely low, so, not very useful.

Assessed Attacker Value: 1
Assessed Attacker Value: 1Assessed Attacker Value: 5