ID AKB:6C13A87D-65A6-4437-B553-6B70238AB737
Type attackerkb
Reporter AttackerKB
Modified 2020-06-02T05:00:48


The Plainview Activity Monitor plugin before 20180826 for WordPress is vulnerable to OS command injection via shell metacharacters in the ip parameter of a wp-admin/admin.php?page=plainview_activity_monitor&tab=activity_tools request.

Recent assessments:

cdelafuente-r7 at 2019-11-27T14:59:14.734471Z reported: This plugin has approximately 1000 active installations and 24,816 downloads according to Wordpress. The vulnerable versions are approximately 25% of the active installations, which is not that much. Also, the attacker needs to be authenticated with a privileged account to make it exploitable, which reduce the likelihood of exploitation. However, the vulnerability is very easy to exploit: a simple HTTP POST request with a specially crafted ip parameter: bash curl -b '<your_session_cookie>;' \ -d 'ip=|cat%20/etc/passwd&lookup=Lookup&submit=Submit%20request' \ '' The root cause is a call to exec() with concatenation of unsanitized input (activities_overview.php:357): php exec( 'dig -x ' . $ip, $output );

Assessed Attacker Value: 2 Assessed Exploitability: 5