Nuuo Central Management Server Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload

ID AKB:09DF980F-C82E-4104-8DC0-77722281BE1C
Type attackerkb
Reporter AttackerKB
Modified 2020-02-13T17:12:40


Nuuo Central Management Server v3.3 and prior allow authenticated users to upload files and specify the destination in a FileName header that is vulnerable to directory traversal.

Recent assessments:

jrobles-r7 at 2019-05-09T17:57:41.485165Z reported:


Details from module documentation in Metasploit.

The COMMITCONFIG verb is used by a CMS client to upload and modify the configuration of the CMS Server. An example is below:

``` COMMITCONFIG NUCM/1.0 User-Session-No: <session-number> Filename: <filename> FileType: <number> Content-Lenght: <file-length>


The vulnerability is in the "FileName" parameter, which accepts directory traversal (..\..\) characters. Therefore, this function can be abused to overwrite any files in the installation drive of CMS Server.

This vulnerability is exploitable in CMS versions up to and including v2.4.

This module will either use a provided session number (which can be guessed with an auxiliary module) or attempt to login using a provided username and password - it will also try the default credentials if nothing is provided.

Assessed Attacker Value: 3 Assessed Exploitability: 2