Authentication fails using SSH keys since 2.3.5

Type atlassian
Reporter randall.becker1313479551
Modified 2019-08-26T05:15:20


Neither the Pagent agent or OpenSSH is working to authenticate since I upgraded. Switching SSH services makes no difference. If I go to the command line, using ssh -i identfile I have no issues authenticating to any system.

Other symptoms include the terminal not going to the repository but using cygwin home instead. Not honouring the SSH config file. Path errors on clone prefixing the cygwin path and appending the windows path (e.g., /cygwin/c/users/me/documents/git/gccC:\Users\Me\Documents\git\gcc).

I would like to completely remove SourceTree and start again from scratch, and have tried, but the configuration errors remain. The system has had SourceTree on it for 3 years through many versions.