Generating SSH Keys is broken (using Bitbucket Server) -- ui and config file

Type atlassian
Reporter mwilde1942039274
Modified 2019-08-16T01:00:13


Please watch my short video illustrating the experience.

Scenario 1:

On MacOS X Sierra when setting up SourceTree for first time and choosing "SSH" as the authentication method, SourceTree: #  Should not have a URL for the Bitbucket server, should be a hostname without the https:// # Should not need a "password" # Generate SSH Key button is greyed out # User can skip setup and perform this step manually through the Remote Repository Browser's "Add Account" function

Scenario 2

On MacOS X Sierra when using the "Add Account" function the experience when selecting SSH as the authentication method is: # URL is asked for, should be a hostname # Password is not needed # User should be able to select an existing ssh key on their system # Generate Key button is visible and clickable, when clicked, process continues, but no key is generated and a "Tooltip" is displayed when account is saved indicating no SSH key # When editing the account, and selecting "Generate Key" it now works (but generates a public/private key with a "space" in the filename (e.g. mwilde_Bitbucket

After putting my public key in my account on Bitbucket and trying to clone, errors are related to what is in the ".ssh/config" file this occurs. # No hostname is in the ".ssh/config" file (edited by SourceTree) causing a failure on clone  # When hostname is added, errors occur due to "space" in filename # When ".ssh/config" is edited removing spaces and subsequently renaming the private key to match the reference in the ".ssh/config" file

After "fixing" all of these issues, cloning only works thru the CLI, or via a "Clone in SourceTree" link up in Bitbucket Server.   Cloning does not work through the remote repository browser.

Please watch my short video illustrating the experience.   

Note:  I have a few hundred people in my company i'd like to train on SourceTree (and have them use SSH keys if possible), so please fix this ASAP.