Issue reporter and assignee user email addresses were disclosed regardless of the email visibility setting - CVE-2018-13391

Type atlassian
Reporter security-metrics-bot
Modified 2020-12-23T18:51:10


The ProfileLinkUserFormat component of Jira Server before version 7.6.8, from version 7.7.0 before version 7.7.5, from version 7.8.0 before version 7.8.5, from version 7.9.0 before version 7.9.3, from version 7.10.0 before version 7.10.3 and from version 7.11.0 before version 7.11.2 allows remote attackers who can access & view an issue to obtain the email address of the reporter and assignee user of an issue despite the configured email visibility setting being set to hidden.