Deleting a user does not remove the user from its LDAP group

Type atlassian
Reporter farmas
Modified 2017-02-17T06:19:38


Jira team: I believe this to be a JIRA bug because this scenario does not reproduce in Confluence when it is linked to Crowd.

  • Add an LDAP directory to Crowd. Make sure to have the "jira-users", "jira-administrators" and "jira-developers" groups exist in LDAP.
  • Add Crowd Server as a directory to Jira, set it as the first directory.
  • Add a user in Jira. Notice that in the LDAP server, the jira-users group will show the new user.
  • Delete the user from Jira

Expected: The entry in the jira-users group in LDAP to be deleted.

Actual: The entry is not removed. "jira-users" group is left with an entry that does not point to any users.