Ability to grant Import/Export privileges to a group or a user

Type atlassian
Reporter egaona
Modified 2018-02-08T06:51:11


In our JIRA environment, we have several projects where each of the project admins uploads tasks from a CSV file into their respective project. Inorder for these project admins have the upload permissions, they need to be part of the JIRA System Administration group. This is unacceptable and is a huge security risk. Right now, the only workaround is for the JIRA System Admins are forced to perform the Export/Import for all projects.

I'd like to request that an interface be provided where the JIRA System Administrator can set the privileges for a given group. For instance if I create a Project Admin group, I, the Jira System Admin, should be able to grant Import and Export rights to that group. At the moment you have to add them to the Jira System Admin group, just so they can import tasks into JIRA.