"Current Assignee" on Browse Permission problem

Type atlassian
Reporter romano.magacho
Modified 2017-02-17T06:10:13


I have created a permission scheme in Jira but I am experiencing an odd behaviour.

I have 5 users in Jira and in the permission scheme, the Browse Projects is assigned to:

  • Project Lead
  • Project Role (Administrators)
  • Project Role (Clients)

Among the 5 users, 3 fit these categories. One is a project lead, one is an adminstrator and the other has been added to the Clients project role.

The 2 remaining users, one has nothing to do with the project (no issues assigned to him and no other permission that would allow him to browse the project) and the other has an issue assigned to him. I want the latter to be able to browse the project, so I added Current Assignee to the Browse Projects permission. After doing that, both users are now able to browse the project. I was expecting only one.

Very similar JRA-8950