Not being able to create webhooks with basic authentication.

Type atlassian
Reporter llima
Modified 2019-04-16T03:55:56


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Using the procedures to use basic auth described on

we are getting a "Invalid URL" message.


workaround For Atlassian applications, the REST plugin : allows you to apend the authentication type to the URL. This can be adapted as a workaround. When I add the os_oauthtype to the URL, it works: {code} http://localhost:10520/bamboo52/rest/api/latest/server/pause?os_authtype=basic&os_username=admin&os_password=admin {code}

Note: While this workaround works, it's not great because applications frequently log URLs (for example, Apache can be configured that way) and this means that the password will be leaked, which is not desirable. The risk is highly reduced for users who are not logging access to their system and who are running behind https. We will advice that users take necessary steps to further secure access if they are using this method of authentication.