Migrating JIRA/Confluence from Cloud to Cloud reactivates inactive users

Type atlassian
Reporter jromero@atlassian.com
Modified 2017-03-01T02:54:29


h3. Summary

Admin migrated a Cloud instance of JIRA/Confluence to a new base URL. During the migration to the new JIRA/Confluence instance, inactive users became active.

h3. Environment * JIRA Cloud * Confluence Cloud

h3. Steps to Reproduce

Create a user in JIRA Cloud

Deactive user. Make inactive.

Follow the steps under "JIRA + Confluence Instances" in this URL:


Log into the new instance. Users that were once inactive are now active

h3. Expected Results For users to migrate over to the new Cloud instance with the correct status.

h3. Actual Results Users are flipped from inactive to active.

h3.Workaround To deactivate users via the User Management tab in the new Cloud Instance.