Signing in with username with different case creates new user

Type atlassian
Reporter jwmajors81
Modified 2010-10-10T23:26:35


We currently utilize LDAP for our user repository and allow users to be automatically added to crucible if they can successfully authenticate. We have recently received complaints from users that their names were showing up two times in reviews. After some analysis we saw that there were 2 instances of their IDs. One was all lower case and the other was all upper case. Steps to recreate are as follows:

1) Log into crucible for the first time using LDAP with user id (joesmith) 1a) this causes the user id joesmith to be added to the user repository 2) Log out of the system 3) Log into crucible using user id (JOESMITH) 3) Log out 4) Log in as administrator 5) Go to users area in administration screens 6) You will see two users setup, one labeled joesmith and the other is JOESMITH.

I did see a similar log (, but wasn't sure if it was linked to the same or a similar issue.